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This is the last web-site you will ever need to go to for creative real estate.  We are your international source for learning how to purchase creative real estate.  Here you'll learn about a number of powerful resources we have to help you succeed in real estate investing including our exclusive consultation packages.  

Please add us to your favorite sites now!  Then explore our pages to learn more about our many helpful publications, services and seminars.  See why $olvency International Inc. is one of the largest creative real estate sources!  Just click on one of the links to get started learning how you can begin purchasing real estate with 100% Financing!     

Investing with No Money Down -- Our main program for our students and subscribers who need funds to buy, renovate and re-sell real estate.  Plus, many Practical Courses and Books that can help you succeed in your own real estate investing business.  
Through-out our other links, you'll learn more about where to attend our next seminar, or how you can book us for one in your area.  Plus, how to purchase cheap fixer upper properties from us in sunny Florida!    








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